Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blocking Cell Phone Numbers

A friend of mine was trying to figure out how to block her cell number because she wanted to track down a mysterious caller who was calling her up at odd hours on her cell phone. Her search for an answer prompted this article to be written by me. I am certain there are many users who are attempting to find out means to block their cell phone number. Find out how to go about it, right below.

Reasons to Block Your Number When Calling Someone

There can be loads of reasons as to why you are interested in learning this process. You may need to find out about the unknown individual who keeps calling or texting you. Firstly, it is apparent that you do not want him to understand that you are spying on him by calling. Secondly, you may be calling someone you barely understand and are not sure about leaving them with your number. You may even be calling a business firm or service provider for some advice and do not want to divulge your number. Blocking your number from their caller ID is a great way to prevent those unsolicited advertising or follow-up calls you may receive from them. I am sure you do not need to look like a possessive girlfriend/boyfriend or a paranoid parent when calling your loved ones always. The list of motives can go on. So, let me bound to the approach that will help you learn the process.

The Process

You need to find a free and simple means to block your number. You have two methods to do the same. This means you can either permanently or temporarily conceal your number.

Selective Blocking
Selective blocking or per-call blocking means temporary blocking your number. This approach will aid blocking your name or number from being exhibited on someone's caller ID. This temporary block duration is for that single call made. In order to do so, you need to dial *67 before you dial someone's number. But, before the call is made, make sure you try dialing *67 before your own dwelling or office number to assess whether it works. It means this process may be successful, if your number does not come up on the caller ID. You should redial * 67 every time a number is dialed by you.

Complete Blocking
Complete blocking or per-line blocking are synonyms for permanent blocking of your cell phone number. There are a few states that help you block each and every call that you make. By this approach your number can be privatized by you forever. In order to do so, you need to call your network provider and request for a 'line block'. Your number will never appear on any caller ID, when this service is active. However, in case you want a few discerning numbers to be able to see your number, then before their number is dialed by you you need to dial * 82. This will help you unblock the number for that receiver only.


Keep in mind that there are certain exceptions from which your number will not be blocked under any conditions. Toll is included by these - free numbers like 800, 866, 888 and 900. These call receivers may be able to identify your number making use of Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology. Your number will not be blocked from emergency numbers like 911. When you call the police, fire department or ambulance services not only will your number be exhibited, but also your address.

It is better to use the *67 approach to block your number from a few individuals. But, if you need your number to stay private, then 'line block' service is for you. Just use the preceding solutions when calling someone, and turn invisible for sometime.